Monday, July 23, 2007

Tokyo Police Club

I have not been so excited about seeing a band for the first time after only hearing their studio recordings since hearing Blonde Redhead. I came late to the Cold War Kids show at the Great American Music Hall in February, so I never got to see them live. Now, There are many opinions out there regarding the Tokyo Police Club and their first EP. When you listen to 'A Lesson in Crime' you will inevitably WANT to compare them to something you may have heard before, but as you listen on... the list of band influences grows. The question that I hear more than anything else is, "Who do they sound like?"... and l love to default to the answer that Tokyo Police Club keyboardist, Graham Wright, gives to the ONION AV Club. To summarize, If you have to compare them to 6 or 7 different bands, then what's the point? NME says, "Those who write off Tokyo Police Club as "watered-down Strokes" are probably the same people who say that Oasis were "just ripping off The Beatles"."
But the description I love most comes from EYE Weekly, a Toronto based alt-weekly, who says: "A Lesson in Crime's seven joyful, unpolished tracks are undeniably catchy and raw, marrying danceable hooks with talk of robot masters and global emergencies, providing an upbeat soundtrack to our troubled times."

As for me, I get a different feeling every time I listen to 'A Lesson in Crime' and that is a great sign of good songwriting and musicianship. I am really expecting TPC to rock my face off tonight. If not for anything else, their excitement level must be at an all-time high, since the just signed a deal with Saddle Creek Records joining bands like Bright Eyes, Cursive, The Faint, and Two Gallants. Let's hope they can share that excitement with all of us at the Independent tonight in San Francisco. Opening: Minipop and Dappled Cities. Listen to the new single, "Your English is Good":

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