Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tokyo Police Club @ the Independent

They rocked my face off indeed. In fact, you could have gone to the Independent tonight without ever hearing a note of Tokyo Police Club, and come out a new fan. These guys put out an energy that I've rarely seen on stage. Graham Wright (keyboards) plays the keys like he's a drummer at heart. I mean, a keyboardist... making the crowd nuts? That doesn't happen. Well it did.. Along with each and every member who played each and every song like it was their first performance. Another highlight was the tambourine-toss across the stage (mid-song). Josh Hooks (guitar) and Graham Wright (keys) tossing two tambourines towards each other. The crowd went nuts when they pulled it off.

As for the openers, well, I unfortunately got to the Independent just as Minipop was finishing up their last song, and had to suffer through Dappled Cities' seemingly endless songs, pedal effect craziness and falsetto overkill. They gave it their all, but as hard as they tried, they just couldn't inspire the sell-out crowd at the Independent.

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