Sunday, July 29, 2007

Thread Productions Showcase

After paying my money to get into the Bottom of the Hill and getting my hand stamped, I felt somewhat uncomfortable. I felt a little out of place.. like that old Sesame Street song, 'One of these things is not like the other'. No, was not judging anyone. It was just that I was the only person in the place without a headband. Did I miss a memo? I didn't know there was a dress code. So, nervously, I approach the bar trying not to make eye contact with with anyone and I ordered a drink. I filter through the crowd and I approach the merch booth to buy the new Sky Pilots CD. Lo and behold! They were giving away headbands to everyone at Bottom of the Hill. Huzzah! Conformity at last! Plus one of the band members gave me a copy of the Thread Productions compilation CD. But the giving didn't stop there. Each and every band that stepped foot on that stage must have summoned the gods of rock-awesomeness before they went on stage, and they gave the audience performance to remember if they ever recover from the head explosions and the face-shreddings. The headbands, by the way, were merely for safety: to prevent chunks of brain from the head explosions from getting everywhere. I won't say any more. Check out the pictures. Listen to a sample of the bands in the playlist below.

Low Red Land. As you can see, they are pretty stiff... almost like they're not really into it.

Sky Pilots: I promised head explosions. They delivered.

Silian Rail: Remember when Neo dodged bullets in the Matrix? Yeah.. He's that fast. Pretty good for a guy with no arms.

Apologies to Tartufi: My battery died in the middle of the Silian Rail set.

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