Friday, May 30, 2008

Jamie Lidell @ El Rey

It is said that Los Angeles sucks the soul dry. Fortunately for about 800 Angelinos in attendance at the last night, a fresh, delicious refill was served courtesy of Jamie Lidell; and their cups now runneth over!

The evening's stage was set by who opened with a radio countdown format, spinning samples off vinyl and digital format and throwing in a little vocals. He got the crowd warmed up for some elbow-jerking, ass-shaking good times.

After a short break, Jamie Lidell emerged wearing black-and-white striped pajama pants and a shiny gold smoking jacket. The sax player followed wearing a red silk robe and business socks. These guys definitely do not suffer for fashion. Sax guy's awesomeness does not end there, though, as he demonstrated how to play two-- count 'em: one, two-- saxophones simultaneously. Jamie is also supported by a keyboardist, bassist, and two percussionists. After about four songs from his new album, , the band disappeared leaving Lidell alone on stage for a 15 minute beatbox and looping interlude that captivated the smiles and feet of all in attendance. The band then returned to the stage to dish up a fresh serving of funk, soul, groove and, of course, a little bit (more) feel good.

As I walked out of the show, I was surrounded by ear-to-ear grins, and comments that included, "Did that really happen?", "Holy Shit! He touched me, I can't believe he touched me.", "That might have been the greatest show I've ever seen, now lets go have sex." Though I didn't check with everyone personally, based on hearing these comments, it seemed that all who were there enjoyed the show.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

May Archive

05/08 - Tapes 'N Tapes (Troubadour)
05/09 - Alice Cooper & Slash (Henry Fonda)
05/12 - Film School (Viper Room)
05/13 - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (the echo)
05/14 - Kate Nash (Henry Fonda Theater)
05/17 - The Dirtbombs + Dan Sartain (Troubadour)
05/19 - The Kooks + Morning Benders (Wiltern)
05/20 - Foxy Shazam (Glass House)
05/21 - Dresden Dolls + Smoosh (Wiltern)
05/21 - Foxy Shazam (Knitting Factory)
05/27,28 - The Police + Elvis Costello (Hollywood Bowl)
05/29 - Jamie Lidell (El Ray)
05/29 - Ladytron + Datarock (Henry Fonda)
05/29 - REM + Modest Mouse (Hollywood Bowl)
05/30 - Beirut + The Brunettes (The Wiltern)
05/30 - Flight of the Conchords (Orpheum Theatre)
05/30 - Ladytron + Datarock (Henry Fonda)
05/31 - The Cure (Hollywood Bowl)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Where Should I Live?

Still can't decide on where to live in LA. My biggest hurdle is finding a neighborhood. Each neighborhood in LA is about the size of San Francisco. So here are the important factors in finding a place. Perhaps my loyal reader(s) can help.

Location: Beach or City?
Beach Benefits - It's the Beach
City Benefits - closer to music venues
Commute is not an issue as i work from home. But, driving to my favorite music venues IS an issue. Don't drink and drive. Just say no. Friends don't let friends listen to Matchbox 20. Do I live on the beach and find sober transportation to music venues? Or do I live in the city and make a 30 minute drive to go to the beach when its nice out.. which is every day.

So the areas that I'm considering are:
Hermosa Beach (green pin)
Venice Beach (pink pin)
Culver City (purple)
W. Hollywood (yellow)
Silver Lake (teal)

The Blue teardrop markers are all the music venues in LA..