Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thread Productions Showcase @ Bottom of the Hill - JULY 27th

Attention Rockers: Clear your calendars and make sure you are at the Bottom of the Hill on July 27th for the Thread Productions Showcase. The four bands performing in the showcase are Tartufi, Silian Rail, Low Red Land and Sky Pilots who are all part of the San Francisco music collective, Thread Productions. I have seen the Sky Pilots play Hotel Utah and The Knockout, and I would definitely get to Bottom of the Hill early enough to catch their entire set. The Sky Pilots manage to skilfully weave dischord and complicated rhythms into heavy hitting math rock that, performed by lesser musicians, would sound like a nonsensical cacophony. If you own more than two Fugazi albums, and love Ted Leo and The Pharmacists, and hate kittens, you will love the Sky Pilots.

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