Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Go! Team, Fujiya & Miyagi, and Ladytron

If I told you I saw a Ninja dancing in a cheerleader skirt and had the best time of my life, would you think I was weird? Because I did. Ninja is The Go! Team's lead singer and she jhops across the stage like Yoda in a saber fight while really engages the audience to dance along. They played GAMH early 2006 and I've never seen San Francisco come alive like I did that night. Everyone on the main floor AND on the balcony of the GAMH was hopping and dancing with such vigor that I thought the entire building was going to collapse. It should be an awesome time. Expect a new album to hit September 10 in the UK. You can listen to some new tracks on their myspace page. Catch them on 10/19 @ Mezzanine. Tickets are not yet available.

Another gem coming to the mezzanine is , a trio from London. No, they're not Japanese and Yes, there are 3 of them. They play downtempo electronic dance grooooooves. If you are into Hot Chip and the Brazilian Girls, it might be something you just might be into. Catch them on 10/12 @ Mezzanine. Tickets on sale now.

Of course, you may already know that Ladytron is going to be gracing San Francisco with a live show @ Mezzanine. You can catch that show on 9/29. Tickets are on sale now.

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