Saturday, July 21, 2007

RATATAT Rocks Flavorpill 5-Year Anniversary Party

San Francisco started the weekend a little early with a performance by at Mighty. The New York duo rocked Mighty for the 5-year anniversary party and a benefit for (an organization that builds clean water-wells in Africa). A donation of $20 got you a subscription to GOOD Magazine. Recipients of the Flavorpill SF Newsletter got notice of the band playing on their weekly newsletter announcement. Sure enough, that link got passed around San Francisco faster than the flu in January. Many people who RSVP'd were told a few days later, 'sorry, i know we told you that you could come, but you can't.' Spank Rock DJs and DJ Swazey got the crowd revved up for Ratatat who went on at around 11ish. They jammed up on the tiny little stage and they rocked their little rifftronica hearts out as the crowd danced and sang, "Weee woo weee wooo waaaa.. Dooo dee dee dee dooo"

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