Monday, July 16, 2007

Smashing Pumpkins at the Fillmore

When the Smashing Pumpkins announced their new tour, I was quite ambivalent about it. The drama associated with Billy Corgan threw me off the bandwagon early on and I haven't really paid attention since 'Pisces Iscariot.' I figured they'd roll through SF and perform at large venue likeShoreline and I really wouldn't care enough to see it. But when they announced a stint that included 11 shows at the Fillmore instead of one giant arena show, it made me believe that Billy Corgan was ready to rock. And I like to rock.

I just returned from the first night of 11 shows at the Fillmore where the Smashing Pumpkins played for almost 3 hours. Upon entering the main room I was shocked by the elaborate stage set up. I wanted to hate it because it took away from the simple elegance of the Fillmore, but the lighting design was incredible and added a lot to the show. They played a good mix of old and new songs and Billy Corgan certainly has not forgotten how to rock a crowd... However, he also has not forgotten how to bore them to death with his unendending (albeit quite skillful) solos and untimely ballads. Regardless if you are an old or new fan, If you ever loved the Pumpkins, you will probably enjoy yourself.

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  1. captain, my captain! you are adorable! love the blog site! i myself was able to check out the pumpkins last night, thanks to a very handsome and well connected "music snob"

    it rocked quite a bit and i was so glad to hear all of those amazing songs that i grew up listening to, live at the freaking fillmore. who knew that would ever be possible?!

    there were moments of boredom, as billy cleared the stage to make room for his whiny solo ballads, but, all in all, the show was amazing- a once in a lifetime event- something i never thought i would get the chance to see.

    thanks! i bow down to you, oh great one- for your all knowing musical genius!