Monday, May 24, 2010

Harvey’s Kitchen: Amelia’s Mechanics - Part 2

I have been watching this series distributed by my company, It consistently interviews great bands that I would never have heard of otherwise.

Harvey’s Kitchen: Amelia’s Mechanics - Part 2 - (see Part 1 here) - Molly McGinn and Molly Miller after completing their first album “North, South” with Kasey Horton and produced by Jim Avett, are now beginning the process of recording their second album with 3 time grammy award winner Steven Heller and Laurelyn Dossett at Echo Studios. This is a bit of departure from the usual Kitchen episode. The song was recorded live next to our dirty dishes but Carolyn and I also ventured out to a few venues to capture a little live footage to complement the performance. This particular song will be appearing on their as yet untitled new album. If their introduction is anything to go by, this band is definitely going places.
Harvey’s Kitchen brings you music, art, and all manner of things both in the kitchen and outside of it.
This is a really fantastic series. Some of the best sounding/looking live performances I’ve seen on the video web. If you’re a fan of Folk/ Bluegrass / Alt. Country music you need to check this out and browse the entire series of episodes here.