Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nerd Core 101

I attended Cafe Du Nord for the MC Lars show and I got the opportunity to chat with Daddy and Mommy of MC Lars. Adorable. Don't worry about your street cred, Lars. Your mom's the bombs. I discovered that has degrees from Stanford and Oxford. Who knew? Apparently everyone but me. I mean, the damn album is called the Graduate. One of the songs featured on this album is called Rapgirl, an homage to one of the 3 openers, , who also hails from the hallowed halls of Stanford. So.. in the spirit of smarty-pants-kick-ass-musicians, go to the myspace pages of the respective artists, download their albums, listen to the songs and write me a review using these words.

gadabout \GAD-uh-bout\, noun:
Someone who roams about in search of amusement or social activity.

inscrutable \in-SKROO-tuh-buhl\, adjective:
Difficult to fathom or understand; difficult to be explained or accounted for satisfactorily; obscure; incomprehensible;

indurate \IN-dur-it; -dyur-\, adjective:
Physically or morally hardened; unfeeling; stubborn.

venerate \VEN-uh-rayt\, transitive verb:
To treat someone or something with deep respect, reverence or deference; to revere.

jejune \juh-JOON\, adjective:
1. Lacking in nutritive value.
2. Displaying or suggesting a lack of maturity; childish.

penchant \PEN-chunt\, noun:
Inclination; decided taste; a strong liking.

perspicacity \pur-spuh-KAS-uh-tee\, noun:
Clearness of understanding or insight; penetration, discernment.

turpitude \TUR-puh-tood; -tyood\, noun:
1. Inherent baseness or vileness of principle, words, or actions; depravity.

garrulous \GAIR-uh-lus; GAIR-yuh-\, adjective:
1. Talking much, especially about commonplace or trivial things; talkative.

afflatus \uh-FLAY-tuhs\, noun:
A divine imparting of knowledge; inspiration.

kismet \KIZ-met; -mit\, noun:
Destiny; fate.

ameliorate \uh-MEEL-yuh-rayt\, transitive verb:
1. To make better; to improve.

platitude \PLAT-uh-tood; -tyood\, noun:
1. Staleness of ideas or language; triteness.
2. A thought or remark that is banal, trite, or stale.


  1. "Adorable. Don't worry about your street cred, Lars. Your mom's the bombs. "

    HA - BRAVO!

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  3. nice post! i'm totally there next time he has a gig here.