Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lovemakers + Hey Willpower = Ass-Shaking Match Made in Pop Heaven

I've waited a long time to see The Lovemakers and Hey Willpower share a stage. Both bands put on a steamy, sweaty and sexy show to close out the San Francisco International Festival of Short Films. It was curious to see such an entertaining lineup at a venue with theatre seating. Nothing drives me more crazy than seeing people sitting down when they should be shaking their asses. Hey Willpower had the challenge of performing to an audience who were seated for hours while watching the last session of short films. It wasn't hard for Will to spark that crowd.. but he did have to actually say, 'get up!' which made me feel sorry for those sitting. This is not the junior prom, people. Hey Willpower got the crowded revved up in no time, and got everyone amped for The Lovemakers. A job well done.

Now, I've heard of fans who fall in love with their favorite artists. You know.. the ones who are center stage in the front row and making goo-goo eyes at their favorite band-member. But what about when the artist on stage can make goo-goo eyes to the entire audience? Lovemakers co-lead, Lisa (vocals and bass) amazes me with her ability to eye-fuck an entire crowd with a single look. So Sexy... rrrrrawr. Unfortunately, Superfan #1 was standing front-row center, screaming like a Raiders Fan at a Rush concert and I couldn't get a better picture of the whole band in action. Lock it up, son. We all know you love them. We love them too.

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  1. Wow. What a great duo! Though I really can't imagine them playing at the Victoria Theatre at all ...

    Good to hear that Hey Willpower is still around, I haven't heard anything about them since I saw them open for Hidden Camera's at Bottom of the Hill a few years ago.

    Hopefully this isn't the last appearance they make together or I really missed out!