Monday, August 6, 2007

Concert Calendar Plug-In for iTunes

It's difficult to keep track of all the great concerts happening in the city, especially if you like to see bands that don't generally get a ton of media attention. Many people often ask me about how I keep track as it can be alot of work if you are simply relying on the local papers and websites to break the news. So, today, I will share my secret with all 7 of my readers.

I've been using a plug-in for iTunes called and today they released version 2.0. You simply install the software, open iTunes, open your visualizer, and it then scans your library and matches up bands with a variety of jambase/pollstar-like websites to conveniently put your music into a neat little calendar. You can even highlight specific shows and sync with iCal. Further, it gives you the option of including bands NOT in your library.

In version 2.0, iConcertCal includes a CD release feature that marks your calendar for upcoming releases of bands in your library. It also adds a Friends feature which allows users to share their calendars with others.

It's FREE and available for Mac OS X and Windows.

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