Monday, June 8, 2009

Vampire Weekend + Ra Ra Riot = Discovery

Bacon Ice Cream... Two things that are great individually, but when you put them together they taste wholly different, yet still delicious. is the name of the new collaboration between and . Turns out that the two bands are pretty close and they have a bunch of ideas that don't fit into either band's repertoire. So, they created a new band. I'm 50/50 on side projects and collaborations, but I think Discovery has legs. I just don't want to see another like (Unicorns + ex-Arcade Fire members). And on that note... why is it that these seemingly genius musicians who come up with great names like Vampire Weekend, Unicorns, Arcade Fire, Ra Ra Riot, etc... suck at picking band names for their collaborative efforts? I mean.. Discovery? really?

Well anyway, for your enjoyment... Here is a of "" by Discovery.

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