Saturday, October 3, 2009

Anna Ternheim shines @ Slim's

Asobi Seksu and Loney Dear co-headlined Slim's last night. Unlike the last time Asobi Seksu came to town (march 13, 2009), I was quite indifferent about their return to SF. It's partly because I wasn't really dazzled by their newest studio album, and their last live show was just meh. Well, i had nothing better to do, so I went to Slims early, got myself a cheeseburger, a PBR, and some great conversation with the bartender.

The first opener was . She is a Swedish singer-songwriter who's apparently huge... in Sweden. Well, if she keeps doing what she's doing, she's going to turn some heads in the U.S. too. Every one of her songs was unique and original yet accessible and very catchy; she's cute, and she has a terrific voice. If it weren't for her dark-ish lyrics, she could follow The Submarines, Feist, and The Ting Tings in the long line of cute voices selling iPods.

Loney Dear, also a singer-songwriter from Sweden, didn't blow anybody's mind, but wasn't terrible either. Kinda sounds like Conor Oberst.

I was lucky to be able to get a glimpse of the setlist as Asobi Seksu took the stage. This way, i knew how to time the beer runs and cigarette breaks without missing the songs I was there to hear.

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