Friday, February 6, 2009

Eagles of Death Metal @ The Fillmore

When you look up 'Rock 'n Roll' in the dictionary wikipedia, this is not the picture you see... but it should be. This is Jesse Hughes (A.K.A. The Devil / Boots Electric), lead singer of The Eagles of Death Metal and he not only knows how to rock and roll, he is rock and roll... Let's see... Sunglasses, check; handlebar 'stache, check; Greasy Hair, check; tight Jeans, t-shirt, check, check; lyrics about sex, selling soul, check, check; face-shredding riffs, check.

The Eagles of Death Metal take all the fun parts of Rock and Roll bands from the Rolling Stones to the Kings of Leon and put them together. While I'm sure they take their music seriously, they don't take themselves seriously. These guys packed up whatever egos they had and shipped them off to who has apparently used up all of his. It was clear that they were at the Fillmore to have fun, and it makes it really easy for the audience to have a good time, when the band on stage is having fun (as opposed to 'working'). Bands often say 'You're the best audience we've ever played for' and that's kind of annoying to hear, especially when a crowd clearly isn't into the band. But the Eagles of Death Metal never said that and yet I was convinced by Jesse Hughes reactions that we were the best audience they've ever played for. As the lyrics go to the title track of their newest album, Heart On "Shoot to Kill, Aim to Please / What good's a heart if it ain't on your sleeve?" Thank You, EODM for the pure, unadulterated, fun rock & roll. I bought the '68' t-shirt.

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