Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gogol Bordello rumored to play Outside Lands

An organizer for shared with me his plans for this year's festival which is being shortened to one day this year. He revealed to me that he was hoping to get as the headliner, but was having difficulty signing the band because they claim to be holding out for the festival. Since the Oyster Fest happens in May, could Another Planet be moving the festival from August to May? In any case, it looks like Gogol Bordello is most likely returning to San Francisco this year.

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  1. The Outside Lands festival is the same weekend in August it was last year. The reason Gogol Bordello cannot play the Oyster Fest in May is the standard contractual non-compete clauses in most performance contracts. 3 months is just too close for a "big name" act to be playing in the same city. Hope they don't screw the pooch with their hard-to-get ploy though.

  2. That makes sense.. thanks for your comment!