Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Year in Lists 2008 - Top 15 Artists in Handstamp's Headphones

Where the hell have I been, you ask? I'll tell you where I've been... I've been in LA where you get too self-consumed to allow yourself time for creative outlets... like writing. I know, I know, you're thinking that if that were really true, then how would i explain Hollywood showbiz? and my point to you is: exactly.

Well, anyway, i spent the last 9 months living here in sunny southern California. While I've kinda enjoyed my time here, I really miss San Francisco and I'll be returning in a few days. Since I've been a bit off the radar, I decided what better way to get back on the radar by telling all you faithful readers what I consider the bests of 2008. Over the next few days, four lists will follow culminating with the Best Live Shows of 2008. But now, we start with the top 15 that I have played on my iTunes or iPod in the last 12 months (according to scrobble function)

My Top 15 Most Played Artists (according to
1: - While Stars have been on my iPod for a few years now, it wasn't until late 2007 that something clicked with me and these Scags.
2: - LC! released two albums in 2008 and they were both AMAZING. Read reviews on released April 8, 2008 and released Dec 2, 2008. {Note: The title of this post is pays homage to one of their songs}
3: - I first discovered this band when I saw them at the Independent during NoisePop 2008. It was an extraordinary show (Builders and Butchers opened) and the Helio Sequence quickly moved into heavy iPod rotation.
4: - Ratatat makes great driving music... since doesn't measure the songs i play on my car stereo, Ratatat could easily have been higher on this list.
5: - This Brit has more soul and funk than one man should have.
6: - Keeping the beat with their feet... thanks to Tapping Tilly.
7: - My first exposure to EODM was 'Heart On', their 3rd full length album, which was released on October 28. The fact that it got to #7 on this list tells you its been in HEAVY rotation in recent weeks. They've been described as 80's punk dipped in 70's Rolling Stones.
8: - This feelgood electrpop band came on HUGE in 2008 three hit singles. Made it to #2 on's top new artists of the year.
9: - Radio Retaliation, released November 2008, has a theme of political fury and is quite possibly their most lyrically robust and musically diverse album to date.
10: - Indie Sweethearts release BBC Sessions Deluxe Box Set.
11: - Blonde Redhead is like my Pink Floyd -- No matter what year it is, the will always make the charts.
12: - I dare you to sit still while listening to Girl Talk's most recent album Feed The Animals
13: - Nerds with man-boobs will make you swoon and rock.
14: - Running out of
15: - Clever things to say
other notable Artists curiously absent from this list ( doesn't count stuff I listen to in my car): , , 'Calvin Harris', 'Vampire Weekend', 'Portishead',

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