Monday, June 23, 2008

Extra Action Marching Band

This weekend, I visited SF for the first time since moving away in April and I was faced with 48 hours of action packed fun. From lounging in the park, to birthday parties, to bar-hopping, and as always, live music... i got to sample everything that I love about the city in an insanely short amount of time. I had two birthday gatherings to attend in one night and many many people to catch up with so Saturday night was a whirlwind adventure. Just before midnight I hopped in a cab to get to a private birthday event at the Climate Theatre which is a tiny little performing arts space that my friends rented for the birthday party. After a few minutes of mingling, the crowd was overcome by the intrusion of The Extra Action Marching Band. A snapshot from the party is pictured on the right...

and the video below is from their performance at the Fillmore when they opened for David Byrne in 2005.

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