Monday, November 12, 2007

Ween Set List - Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium
Friday 11/9/07
Courtesy of , Tenacious Hand Stamp field correspondent

Dont Shit Where You Eat
Spinal Menengitis
Now I'm Freaking Out
Bananas And Blow
Learning To Love
Take Me Away
Freedom Of 76
Don't Get 2 Close
Even If You Don't
Woman And Man
Mutilated Lips
Buckingham Green
Your Party
Beacon Light
My Own Bare Hands
Tear For Eddie
Spirit Walker
Stallion Pt.3
Back To Basom
Superstar (Carpenters)
Ocean Man
Waving My Dick In The Wind > p.a. malfunction
Stroker Ace
Touch My Tooter
Puerto Rican Power
Did You See Me

E: Squelch The Weasel
Birthday Boy
Tender Situation
Roses Are Free

If you were at the show and would like to comment, read 's thread

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