Saturday, November 17, 2007

23 Seconds, 23 Magic - for $999?

I've always wondered about the mystery of Blonde Redhead's lyrics to the title track of their newest album, "23". Daphne Carr of interviewed Blonde Redhead vocalist Kazu Makino who said, "'23' is sort of my magic number. I don't know what it means, but I seem to be surrounded by it. The album is full of ideas that derived from things that have been close to me for a while, and the number 23 is one of those things." While Carr is disappointed by the sound of '23', I find it quite magical. In fact, if I were to have one song playing for me as I die, this would be the one. Tomorrow, I may be able to find out when that will be.

A Bay Area company called will launch a service tomorrow that will provide you with a complete report of your DNA. For $999, the company will reveal the secrets of the 23 pairs of chromosomes you possess, give you a break-down of your genetic 'hand-me-downs' from your family tree, and identify certain diseases that you may be at risk of developing. Perhaps this '23' is yet another element of Kazu Makino's magical number.

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