Friday, September 7, 2007

Two Seconds @ Bottom of the Hill

Teenage phenoms, , hit the stage again Friday night at the . If you are unfamiliar with their sound, imagine if the White Stripes and Sleater-Kinney made babies... they would be named . The duo consists of Sierra Frost on vocals and guitar and Lily Faden on drums and vocals. Frost brings a tremendous song-writing ability and an extraordinary voice. Faden's performance on drums is unmatched by any local act I've seen. She brings a true rock and roll flair to the drums with flailing hair, arms, and bare feet. Trying to qualify their talents by categorizing them with other teen acts would be an exercise in futility as this duo can rock harder than most bands, on any level.

To date they've release two albums and recently cut a new single which can be heard on their page. One listen to their sound, and I guarantee that you'll want to see these two prodigies perform.

Both the girls have been performing with , led by Ryan Lambert. Additionally, Lambert and Frost have started yet another project called . However, as the kids approach the end of their High School days, the future of Two Seconds remains uncertain. So get to this show tomorrow night, as the magic that they make together might soon take a back seat to responsibility, education and other ambitions.

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