Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Sounds @ The Fillmore

have been touring for 3 years straight. They just flew across the country to play two shows en route to Australia where they will continue to tour. If there was a way to harness the energy they create from the body heat of their fans, the world's energy problems would no longer be an issue. Yes. The show was amazing, once again.

was there... life was good. I got to see an old friend, of Eye on the Bay fame. Ironically, the first opener was called (Philadelphia), and they rocked a near sold-out crowd despite the fact that they weren't announced on the bill... After that, we got a great show from and then of course... the sweat generators, who made us all shake our asses. I slowly wedged myself near the front of the crowd with hopes of trying to capture a camera-phone shot of lead singer Maja Ivarsson, whose hot, sweaty body I was holding up during a brief crowd-surfing moment. Unfortunately, no posters were handed out. Doesn't matter. If you were there, you won't need any poster to remember the awesome time that was had by all.

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