Thursday, May 15, 2008

Where Should I Live?

Still can't decide on where to live in LA. My biggest hurdle is finding a neighborhood. Each neighborhood in LA is about the size of San Francisco. So here are the important factors in finding a place. Perhaps my loyal reader(s) can help.

Location: Beach or City?
Beach Benefits - It's the Beach
City Benefits - closer to music venues
Commute is not an issue as i work from home. But, driving to my favorite music venues IS an issue. Don't drink and drive. Just say no. Friends don't let friends listen to Matchbox 20. Do I live on the beach and find sober transportation to music venues? Or do I live in the city and make a 30 minute drive to go to the beach when its nice out.. which is every day.

So the areas that I'm considering are:
Hermosa Beach (green pin)
Venice Beach (pink pin)
Culver City (purple)
W. Hollywood (yellow)
Silver Lake (teal)

The Blue teardrop markers are all the music venues in LA..


  1. I really enjoyed West Hollywood last time I was there. That's my vote. If you haven't, go see Jon Brion at Largo sometime-- it's a treat.

  2. Def Venice man. Transpo from there isn't that bad. And worst case, you can make friends w/ people who have places to crash in town ;-)

  3. Driving sucks, and it sucks even more in L.A. Live near your precious venues. Then you can host after parties!

    Also, try to move near one of the chicks from The Hills.