Friday, March 28, 2008

The Swan Song...

It has been a wonderful adventure being in San Francisco for the last 9.5 years. Over the last three years, I've seen about 500 different bands perform live in San Francisco, and luckily for me, my last concert in San Francisco was pretty much the best I could ask for: Face shredding performances from multiple bands in a nearly-sold-out small venue.

Portugal. The Man + Foxy Shazam at Bottom of the Hill.... That's the last handstamp I'll get from an SF venue until I eventually move back. Portugal put on a phenomenal show (almost as good as their Slim's performance). I have never seen this trio perform as a trio. They always bring others on stage (usually members of other bands on their tour). At one point there was 9 people with instruments on stage. And, while it was really really really really loud, it was amazing to see.

However it was opener, Foxy Shazam, that made this bill a night to remember forever. Keyboardist, , stands like a giant animal on his keyboards while playing. It was some of the most amazing keyboard playing I've ever seen live. Between songs, lead singer, fills in with hilarious and eccentric comedic interludes.

Their passion and stage presence was the best I've seen since Gogol Bordello. In fact, if you can imagine Gogol Bordello, Queen, and Andy Kaufman on stage together, it MIGHT give you an idea of what you are in for when you see Foxy Shazam live. If they ever stopped touring, they could make a career Off-Broadway. Check out the video below of Foxy Shazam... IF you think the composition and theatrics are amazing in this video, their live performance is easily an order of magnitude more bizarre.

Thank you San Francisco.
And goodbye.
For now.


  1. Hello LA! Funny, i just took a job in online advertising. See you soon.

  2. I would say "Rafi, you'll be missed," but I won't because I'll be seeing music with you in LA!

    I only caught the tail end of Shazzam, but it was rollicking good.

    Highlights of the 8 piece Alaskan outfit were the covers:

    Helter Skelter (1 verse) in the middle of the set

    and a great Can't You Hear Me Knocking > Black Magic Woman > Careful With That Aex, Eugene jam near the end of the show

    Amen & Adios!

  3. Looking forward to reading your LA reviews! And 500 might have me beat...

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