Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nicole Atkins - Neptune City

Nicole Atkins made her San Francisco debut earlier this year at Popscene when she opened for the Long Blondes. For the most part, the crowd was mulling about and the buzz of conversation would've made it extremely difficult to command a stage. No one even noticed the small frame emerge onto the stage... and those that did, didn't expect that little Jersey girl was going to be able to drown out the rowdy audience.

The moment Nicole Atkins opened her mouth to sing her first note, there was a resounding thud of jaws dropping onto the floor of the 330 Ritch nightclub in San Francisco. I was frozen in place and a bomb could have gone off in the neighboring parking lot, but there was no way I was going to take my eyes off what I was witnessing. What ensued was song after song of soulful crooning that invoked an image of Sinatra's pipes with Joplin's spirit.

Yesterday, she released her first full length album called Neptune City... I rocked out to it during the 5.6 magnitude earthquake that rocked the Bay Area and then I watched her perform 'The Way It Is' on David Letterman. Anyway, the album is quickly becoming a desert island album for me so do yourself a favor and buy it. It's a keeper. And look out for her in a city near you. Also, if you see her, tell her that I want to make babies with her.

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